Tibetan Reiki & Tantra, Why it works so well in my SOOTHE THE SOUL

I've had so many gentleman once seeing my qualifications asking more information about reiki and tantric, how they work. Hence why I offer my SOOTHE THE SOUL sessions. But I thought I would explain a bit more about this beautiful loving sensual and Highly connective way. Which I adore doing over many years.

Why not combine a Tibetan Reiki treatment with a Tantric Massage? The most sensual connective experience you will ever have
This combination is the ultimate treat for both your soul and your physical self.

This session combines a tantric yoni or lingam massage and a Tibetan Reiki treatment in order to relieve tensions in the body and release emotional and energetic blockages.

This experience of a deep of relaxation will leave you without words to describe the effects of this synergistic coupling of modalities utilizing aromatherapy and ayurveda blends.

Tibetan Reiki is perfect for very deep relaxation of the mind and ushering you deep within the centre of your being through extended full body relaxation and pleasure.

When adding focused Reiki time to a tantric massage, Tibetan Reiki enhances the effects of the intimate massage and additionally facilitates deeper and clearer communication between the numerous functions of our body, mind, and emotional energies.

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