Hello Darlings,

I am Annie, a deeply intuitive high empathic Tantric and Reiki  healer & Cuddle Therapist with magical hands, and an extreme (love of) touch. I am a mature aged woman with voluptuous curves and eyes that apparently melt souls.

I am a passionate, articulate, lover of the tantric holistic path. 

I find so much pleasure in offering pleasure, especially when the heart is open and communication flourishing.

I was first initiated in body work modalities back in 1995, and added many along the way. 


I have devoted myself to always being an exceptionally clear vessel for the sacred energies that move through me.


I channel at a very high unconditional loving energy that sets the tone for all my sessions, rendering them sacred, sweet, mystical, and sensually passionate. 

The experience is always loving, passionate, unrushed. an intense. ecstatic. utter blissful moment. Saying this, close that bedroom door and the naughty Miss Annie comes out if you wish.

As one of my clients said, its like seeing an old lover / best friend.

I consider it an honour to awaken the masculine, and to support men in their own individual journeys of sexuality and sensuality. But also giving some sensuality to those who lack it.

I very much look forward to making you feel utterly amazing and felt loved.

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I am now using my real name which is Lisa, but for some long term clients I still have Annie listed.

Love and Light,

Annie xo

"You're pleasure is my pleasure"

2018. Please do not use any information or photos from this website without my written consent, Annie. SWA 7704 XE

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